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Send us a message today, To Begin Your Greatest Journey ever!

Send us a message today, To Begin Your Greatest Journey ever!

Send us a message today, To Begin Your Greatest Journey ever! Send us a message today, To Begin Your Greatest Journey ever! Send us a message today, To Begin Your Greatest Journey ever!

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DYGP Introduction

Pastor Oneal Young Jr. 


Listen for the preview of the "Discovering The Greater You Podcast", with Pastor Oneal Young Jr. 

The Prayer Wall

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 Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these because I am going to the Father. John 14:12 Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these. John 15:13 DGY Philosophy: Greater Work + Greater Love = Greater Purpose Life! This is the Greater Purpose Life and it is real life. Let’s Discover and Empower the Greater You! 



The goal of my website is to inspire you to take action now in your life, because your future is now! I’m not a life coach. Rather, I’m a Christian man with 30+ years’: preaching, teaching, pastoring and inspiring people with the Word of God and provocative thought.  I will give you God’s truth combined with energy that is drawn from prayer and the Word. I invite you to make your greater journey with me and so many others who’ve decided not to be victims or whiners; but, to take action with God and live on top in life!  


If you’re ready to live on top, then let’s get started!  My life’s creed: to get people to live up to their God-given potential every day! It’s what I’m passionate about, it’s what I’m about, it’s what God wants…for you to Discover the Greater You! This discovery will empower you to live on top in every area of your life with greater purpose and power! 



I’m looking for people like I was - an extraordinary individual stuck living an ordinary life; dying inside and life passing me by. You who are ready to, break away from the pack and, lead the pack. If you’re great but want to be greater, this is for you. I want to share my Greater You and how that changed my life, in the middle of my life and took me from living on the bottom to living on top in life! 


The Greater You is the alive, born again you who was purposed to live a greater life! Live greater…Discover the Greater You!

 • Discover who your Greater You is and know what you’re capable of

 • Learn how to tap into the greater power within your Greater You 

• Use greater prayer to take your life’s plan to a premium state 

• Stay motivated and inspired to endure until you win God’s prize

• Become an asset in life and add value to people’s lives 

• Turn up the courage to always stand against opposition and overcome it 


God has made it so that no matter how low or high you are in any area of your life, the Greater you can always do it greater!

Preaching & Teaching


Pastor Oneal Young Jr.

Church Administration & Leadership Training

Intercession Training & Workshops

Do you have need of a riveting guest lecturer? 

Pastor Oneal Young Jr. is the man for the job. With 30+ years of Preaching/Pastoral experience, a student himself of renowned master teachers and leaders, he can effectively administer the Word of God to all who desire to grow in Kingdom knowledge and understanding. Pastor Young is empowered to impart sound doctrine through an effective, personable yet deliberate, teaching-proclaiming style. Contact his administrative staff with request dates, time and expectations by using the “book Oneal Young Jr.” link.  


Intercession Training & Workshops

Church Administration & Leadership Training

Intercession Training & Workshops

 Pastor Young has written and championed multiple prayer gatherings, Intercessory trainings and various events to forge the idea of going beyond the "Church Status Quo;" spending time diligently seeking God's face instead of positions of power and possessions from His hand; practicing to bask in His presence as opposed to asking Him for presents! Contact Pastor Young to begin your journey to a Greater You today! 


Church Administration & Leadership Training

Church Administration & Leadership Training

Church Administration & Leadership Training

 Pastor Young, is committed to moving both local and distant bodies of believers closer to bridging the gap. His portfolio consists of 20+ years of living, preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and assisting other 501c3 organizations in administrative areas to unify people and process.